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the game that keeps you guessing!

New card game gives everyone a Sense of Identity

GW Games has launched a great new card game called ‘Sense of Identity’.

The game has a fascinating new concept and aims at providing fun for families and friends alike. Sense of Identity, suitable for all ages of 12 and over, is a group game for 3-10 players played on either an individual or team basis. It will certainly bring out your creative and imaginative side as well as provide a lot of laughs and fun for all. It is a great game for the home, during journeys or when you are on holiday.

A player or a team have to build up their points by asking questions to identify, from the way in which the other players respond, what particular trait or character that they have had to adopt from the card they have drawn. This creates loads of opportunities to be original, imaginative and humorous. The game is very enjoyable and a lot of fun.

The game is the brainchild of Jack Woodward, who has played the game in an ad-hoc way with friends and family for many years. Jack said’ I have played this game on numerous occasions over the years with friends, at parties and on holidays, and always had such a great time with it, often finding ourselves in fits of laughter. After being cajoled so many times over those years by them to develop it into a proper game that everyone can enjoy, I decided to do just that’

Last year, Jack teamed up with John Giles, a Marketer based in Godalming, to develop a marketing and development strategy to launch the game.

‘Bringing a new game concept to market has been a great experience and both Jack and I feel that we have developed something special that will bring lots of fun to many’ John added.'We have developed the game to be as flexible as possible in terms of where and when it can be played, so it is a great game to take on holiday and also to play at home with friends and family'

'Sense of Identity' can be purchased via this website for £8.99+ £2.99 p&p



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