Sense of Identity Sense of Identity

the game that keeps you guessing!

The Game

‘Sense of Identity’ is a game that provides you with both challenges and laughs in abundance. It generates constant interaction as one minute you will be pitting your intelligence and intuition skills against the rest of the players and in the next you are working with the rest trying to gently outwit the lone player opposite you.

All the players, except one, have to adopt the same characteristic or as we call them traits, which they get from one of the two card deck options. The remaining player has to question each in turn and try to guess what the common trait is from the way in which they respond. For the players that know the trait it produces a great deal of fun and amusement as well as a great deal of satisfaction for the questioner when and if they deduce the trait. Players build up their points to win the game by correctly guessing the trait within the allowed number of rounds.

The game can be played by 3 – 10 players and is suitable for all ages from 12 years and upwards. You can play it either as single players or in teams.

In addition to the full version of the game, we have also devised a ‘Quick-Play’ version which is ideal for more impromptu situations such as travelling.

So, ‘Sense of Identity’ will have families and friends, whether at home, on holiday or even travelling, roaring with laughter!

Sense of Identity 
A game you can play anywhere, anytime.